Saturday, November 28, 2015


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Marj Bonsall, Board Certified Pedorthist
Walk Rite for Life Pedorthic Centers
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We are sure you know nails belong on your toes - not in your toes!

   However, just last week Brian A. came into our Mountain View location of WALK RITE FOR LIFE PEDORTHIC CENTERS to use his 2015 Medicare benefit for diabetic shoes and custom inserts.
   It was a good thing he came in that day, only two days released from the hospital (interesting that his shoes/feet weren't checked.) There were metal nails in his shoes that had penetrated his great toe and had been in his shoes for some time, so it seemed. Due to Brian’s neuropathy caused by his diabetes, his feet were numb (insensate) and he could not feel the nails!
   Medicare’s (not HMO’s, sadly) footwear benefits have already resulted in a large decrease in amputations since its inception in 1993. It was easy for the bean counters to figure out that shoes and inserts, along with TRAINED PROFESSIONALS to fit and dispense the products, are much less costly than amputations.
   80% of amputations typically start with shoe-caused blisters/ulcers.  Because diabetes can result in poor circulation to the feet, infections can occur and are problematic to heal due to the decreased blood supply.
   We at Walk Rite are proud to be a Medicare supplier to diabetics with foot concerns. It is our hope that the HMOs will see the benefit (both monetarily and therapeutically) in providing properly fitted shoes and custom inserts to anyone who needs these potentially foot-saving and live-saving products.


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